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Left behind...what just happened??

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Left behind...what just happened??

A letter sample for friends and family left behind after the Rapture... Dear Friends and Family,

I have prayed and longed so much that you would hear, understand, and receive the love of the truth that is only found in Jesus Christ. I've tried in many different ways to share the gospel (saved by grace through faith) at the expense of looking "out of my mind." Yet, it always seems to have fallen on deaf ears. My prayer is that you have not been left behind and will not have to read this letter.

Today, if you have received this letter, then the event that the biblical prophets foretold long ago has taken place, and I am no longer with you to help you understand what is going on. Right now, you are likely feeling very frightened and bewildered with all that has transpired. My heart aches for you . The world is in utter chaos because millions of people have vanished without a trace. Panic reigns everywhere, and you are confused and don’t know what to do. I've written this letter to explain to you what is going on and how to prepare for what's coming. So, what just happened and why have millions of people just disappeared? The answer is that Jesus Christ suddenly removed them. These people all had one thing in common. With the exception of young innocent children under a certain age of accountability, these people were all true born again believers. They were those who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, not by their own works, but by grace through faith alone. They were the ones who recognized their sinful state and wholeheartedly looked to Jesus for their salvation. Jesus promised that in the last days He would remove His people before the coming wrath, and after 2000 years, He has finally done so. (See 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17).

Many will try to give you a different explanation as to what happened. They will say, for example, that those who were removed from the earth were inferior beings of a lesser consciousness, or that aliens were somehow involved in the removal of these people. This is a great lie and deception - DO NOT fall for it! When the world leader known as the AntiChrist rises to power—which he will do shortly, if he hasn't done so already—he may say that he himself removed all Christians from the earth. Regardless of the false explanation, the truth is Jesus Christ removed His followers from the earth in the cataclysmic event called the RAPTURE. This incredible event was prophesied long ago and can be found in the word of God. ("ie. caught up," see the Book of 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17). So, what happens now? In the very near future, there will begin a seven-year period of horrendous suffering known as the Tribulation. The second three-and-a-half years of the Tribulation will be worse than the first three-and-a-half years and will be called the “Great Tribulation.” This time period will witness great earthquakes, storms, diseases, plagues, and every kind of horrific suffering unlike anything the world has ever seen before. (Read the Book of Revelation).

In response to the utter chaos in the world resulting from the Rapture, people will cry out for someone to take charge and bring things back to order. A man will arise and take charge. This man will be the Antichrist, but the world will not recognize him as the Antichrist. The world will think he is its savior because he will seemingly put the world back in order. He, along with his False Prophet (very likely the current Pope) will bring about a semblance of world peace. Hear me: I said a semblance. This means that it will not be a true world peace. It will only be the prelude to a vicious and brutal dictatorship in which most of humanity will be wiped out. The Antichrist will be a charismatic leader, a brilliant man, and an amazing personality. People will look to him as God. He will seem to do what no man in history has ever done before. He will seem to bring peace in the Middle East. In fact, he will even call for the rebuilding of the third Jewish Temple. The Jews will love him and embrace him as their Messiah. He and the False Prophet will also perform great signs and wonders that will captivate the world. But know this! The Antichrist is a deceiver, and his power is demonically inspired. In fact, he is Satan incarnate. The Antichrist will be a man totally possessed by Satan and eventually he will reveal his true colors. During the midpoint of the Tribulation, he will enter the temple in Jerusalem, offer a sacrifice that will be an abomination to the Jews (possibly the sacrifice of a pig), declare himself to be God, speak all kinds of blasphemies against the true God, and demand to be worshipped as God. At this point, the Jews will recognize who the Antichrist really is. They will have to flee to Petra (in Jordan) because the Antichrist will start to slaughter them. It will be a holocaust worse than the holocaust of World War II. The Antichrist will demand that all people of the earth worship him. As proof of their worship, they will have to take the mark of the Beast, (The Antichrist is also called the “beast” in the Bible. See Revelation 13, 14) or they will not be able to buy or sell. This mark will very likely be a computer chip or digital ID of some sort, permanently implanted on or in the forehead or the back of the hand. The world will also be commanded to bow down to an image of the beast (likely some hologram, AI, or statue that will have the ability to move and speak). *** DO NOT TAKE THIS MARK!!!! *** If you take this mark, you will be condemned to hell with no recourse! There will be no more opportunity for repentance! I believe it will somehow change you in such a way genetically and spiritually, that you will no longer be redeemable. If you want to spend eternity with God, then you must renounce the worship and mark of the beast. Repent, and ask the Lord to give you the strength and courage to stand against this. By renouncing it, you will most certainly be executed, but you will be saved for eternity. The bible calls those who choose Jesus during this time, the Tribulation Saints. The good news is that at the end of these 7 horrific years, Israel will turn their hearts back to the Lord, and Jesus Christ will return (Second Coming) and establish His Millennial Kingdom on the earth. But right now, before this all begins, you need to choose this day whom you will serve: accept the mark of the beast and go to hell, or accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, be put to death, and go to Heaven. This is a serious matter concerning your eternal destiny. Because you refused to accept Christ before the Rapture, you were left behind. Do not make the same mistake again! Choose Christ and suffer a temporary physical death, so that you will not have to suffer eternal death in hell, separated from God forever. I pray that you will choose to embrace Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Repent of your sins. Turn to Him. No matter how great your suffering, nothing is worth losing your soul forever. Please share this with everyone you know because time is running out...may God be with you! For more vital information to navigate these tumultuous days, please go to:

Hope to see you in heaven with Jesus!



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